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Stitching is part of the basic construction of some style binders such as genuine leather, but it can also be added as a decorative touch. Choices include standard turned & sewn, French, turned & sewn, or our more economical seal and stitch

Here you can see the “inside difference” between a Turned and Sewn and a French Turned Edge. These binders are made with either genuine leather or expanded-supported vinyl material. The liner can be either the same material, a silk moire fabric, or a suedene vinyl. Again, the choices are yours to make when you order a custom product!


Talk to your sales representative to discuss your options, there are too many to list and some we may come up with together! Always remember we are here to help make your project fit your needs.

Call 303-733-1000 or 469-272-9000 for immediate service.

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