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Leather Products



At Unified Packaging, we are excellent at crafting genuine leather products. Leather Binders, Leather packaging, Luggage tags, Leather bags & Document holders you name it, can also be made in genuine leather or faux leather material and constructed in the sewn edge process.

These leathers are available in a wide selection of colors, grades, textures, and patterns. Genuine leather is considered a high-end binder cover presentation by the most observant recipients and customers. Faux leather binder covers, however, are now available in textures and patterns that virtually match the beauty of some genuine leathers.

All manufactured right here in the USA.

  • Document Holders
  • Leather Packaging
  • Luggage Tags
  • French Turned & Sewn Presentation Binders
  • Turned & Sewing Presentation Binders
  • Specialty Binders, Pocket, Pen loops, calculator/ phone holder

Talk to your sales representative to discuss your options, there are too many to list and some we may come up with together! Always remember we are here to help make your project fit your needs.

Call 303-733-1000 or 469-272-9000 for immediate service.

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