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Helpful Packaging Terminology

What is a Set-Up Or Rigid Box?

A chipboard paper box of rigid construction.
It has a base and lid and is usually wrapped with printed paper or book-cloth material.

What does it mean when you refer to the “Base” of the box?

The bottom part of a set-up box.

Define “Box”

A complete set that includes both a base and a lid.

Define “Caliper

The thickness of the paper that is shown in mils (thousandths of an inch).

Define “Clasp

A metallic closure used to securely close a lid or lid flap to a base.

Define “Embossed Finish

The texture of the paper or material being used to cover the board.

Define “Flap Lid

A lid attached to a box that has no sides or ends.

Define “Hinge

The joint where the lid is attached to the base of a one piece box allowing movement.

Define “Label

A plain or printed die-cut paper or board affixed to a box. These are used to enhance or identify the contents.

Define “Lid”

The top portion of a set-up box.

What is a “Slide Box“?

A box in which the lid is in the form of a shell into which the base is inserted at the side or end.

What is a “Stay”?

Material used for securing and reinforcing the corners of a base lid tray.

What is a “Telescoping Box“?

A box in which the lid fits totally over the base, when opening gives the appearance of a telescope.

Define “Turn In

The part of the wrap which shows on the inside of the lid.

What is a “Wrapped Box”?

Material that is glued to the base or lid of a box. A wrapped box can be plain paper, printed paper, book cloth or any other materials that are glueable.

What is Screen Printing?

Using color separated artwork: a screen is created for each separate color and/ or copy change. These screens are utilized in applying opaque color ink to the product surface. This method is used for artwork with close registration of multiple colors or large imprint areas. PMS colors can usually be matched adequately at no extra charge.Screen Printing

What is Foil Stamping?
Foil Stamping

Utilizing dies, heat, pressure and a variety of colored foils, your logo or other graphics can depressed onto the product surface, producing a bright, shiny or matte metallic design depending on the type of foil selected. Foil Stamping is not recommended for multiple color artwork or art that has close registration.

What is Embossing?

Using heat and pressure to produce graphics with a raised appearance on the surface of the product.Embossing

What is Debossing?

Using heat and pressure, the debossing die depresses the graphic down into the surface of the product, smoothing out any graining or embossing in the materials.Debossing

What is Applique’?

A custom die made from your artwork is used to apply, cut and seal one ore more pieces of vinyl to the surface of another. When the sealing process is complete, these layers of material are removed, leaving only those within the perimeters of the seal, This technique has some size limitations, but with good artwork, results can be very effective.Applique

What are Printed Inserts for Entrapment Binders?

The printed sheet of artwork that is placed under the clear overlay.
The process of enclosing printed sheets (70#, coated one-side, enamel stock) under clear vinyl during the manufacturing process. It is also possible to have the product constructed with an outside overlay, open at the top. The inserts can then be inserted into the pocket as you are ready to use them.Entrapment Binders

What is “Clear Overlay”?

A layer of clear vinyl on the outside of a product into which a printed sheet can be inserted by the customer or sealed in permanetly during manufacturing. All stock products allow the customer to insert Printed material beneath the clear overlay.Clear Overlay

What does Entrapment mean?

Entrapment is the process of fully sealing your custom artwork beneath the clear overlay of a product.

What is Die Cutting?

A method of cutting materials into various shapes by use of a steel rule cutting die.Die Cutting

What is Dielectric Heat Sealing/ High Frequency Welding?

Heat Sealing/ High Frequency Welding is when electromagnetic energy in the high frequency range (microwave) creates intense friction that chanegs the vinyl to a liquid state. The pressure being applied to the sealing die holds the differnt layers of vinyl together. When the RF power is removed, the melted vinyl instantly cools and the resulting product is one which has been welded into a single unit.

What is a Formed Flap?

The “finished edge” on a pocket that is produced by heat sealing, as opposed to die cutting is called the Formed Flap.

What is Vacuum Forming?

Vacumm Forming is the process of heating ridgid PVC near melting point, drawing it over a mold, by applying vacuum from within the mold, producing a rigid finishinhg shape.

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