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Your sales representative must verify sizes for each project with production engineers. Product specifications and materials can change dimensions, as can the corners on printed sheets (round or square). The porosity of paper stock selected is critical, especially if it is a recycled stock. You are strongly urged to provide samples (for testing) of any fibrous or recycled stock you selected prior to printing and production.

For satisfactory inserts, paper used for printed sheets should be #70-100# stock, enamel coated on one side only. For best results, graphics must be printed so that grain of paper stock runs with vertical dimensions of the inserts. Inserts should be trimmed (and round-cornered, if required) by your printer and shipped ready to use.

NOTE: If printed sheets are received untrimmed, following specifications are necessary of Unified Packaging to trim inserts:

  1. Sheets must have a minimum of 1/4″ unprinted stock surface (allowance) between cover and spine graphics.
  2. Final trim marks for cutting must be outside final trim sizes for cutting.
  3. Press sheets should have Gripper and Guide sides marked.

We accept liability for improperly trimmed inserts only if the above requirements are met.


Let us design a custom printed insert for your product!


Let us print your custom designed insert or manual to save you money on printing and shipping


Send us your product in bulk and we will insert it into your package as part of the manufacturing process


Have your product inventoried and staged for carton, pallet or truckload shipments.


Have your product produced in larger quantities to save money and we will warehouse and ship it as needed to you or your customer.

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